Smart Appliances Are Coming, But Are You Ready?

It seems like everything is getting "smarter" these days. From front door locks that you can operate with your smartphone, to televisions that connect to the Internet, it seems like there aren't too many things that don't use smart technology. Now, you can count your household appliances in that list of smart stuff, because many of these are beginning to utilize this clever technology to link themselves to the Internet of Things.

6 Ways To Help Your Vacuum Cleaner Last For Years!

Vacuum cleaners are significant investments that can last for years if they are taken care of properly. However, because of the nature of the type of work they do -- sucking up dirt, grime, pet dander -- they are vulnerable to breakdowns. Following are seven strategies to keeping your vacuum cleaner up and running at optimal levels for as long as possible. Avoid Vacuuming Up Small Objects Be sure to check the floor for small objects such as coins and pebbles because these can damage your vacuum cleaner's motor, fans, and nozzles if they get sucked up.

3 Affordable Tips For Redecorating Your Living Room

Are you tired of the way your living room looks, and are you ready to make some changes? If so, there are so many affordable ways to redesign your living room, and even inexpensive changes can make a huge difference. Here are some ideas to consider using as you plan the redesign of this important room in your home. Choose the Right Colors You might be sick of your living room because of the colors it contains, or because your furniture is old and outdated.

Gardens Gone Bad: Are You Growing One Of The World's Most Invasive Species?

It's purple, it's beautiful, and it has now reached every single state in the country except for Florida. It's purple loosestrife, ranking it at number 50 on the Global Invasive Species Database's list of most invasive alien species in the world. While many states have outlawed the sale and planting of this noxious weed, it can still be purchased online from states that have yet to do so. Also, its availability makes it a favorite mix-in for wildflower seed packets in states where it's legal, so you may have bought and spread this problem-plant around your property without even realizing it.