4 Benefits Of Using Cordless Window Blinds

If you are getting ready to upgrade the blinds in your home, you should consider making the switch to cordless window blinds. Cordless window blinds can provide you with a range of benefits that make them worth the investments.  Benefit #1: Safer for Kids One of the most significant benefits of getting cordless window blinds is that they are safer around kids. Kids are curious about everything that is around them.

5 Benefits Of Custom Window Treatments

Curtains and shades can make or break a room's design. Custom window treatments are a great option when it comes to style and quality. There are a few other benefits that make custom stand out above pre-made options.  1. Better Match Pre-made window treatments, whether draperies or blinds, are made to fit a few of the most common sizes of windows. Most houses have at least one or two windows that aren't the standard size, which leaves you with either ill-fitting treatments on these windows or mismatched treatments if you only have pre-made options.

6 Reasons To Add Blinds To Your Home

If you are looking to redesign your home's interior, including the windows, then the window treatments that you choose will have an effect on your home's interior too. For instance, if you want an airy, bright feel, you may want window treatments that give you maximum control over how much light comes into your home. Window blinds can give you that and much more. Here are several good reasons to add window blinds to your home in the future.

4 Steps For Eradicating An Attic Mouse Infestation

Mice in the attic is a common issue, as the mice are drawn to the warm, dry environment where they will rarely be disturbed. Eradicating the pests requires a multi-prong approach. 1. Remove Landscape "Ladders" Mice get into attics by climbing above the roof and then dropping onto it. The things they climb are referred to as rodent ladders, and your landscaping may feature several. Trees with branches that overhang the roof are one type of ladder, as are vines that grow up your siding.

5 Garage Flooring Solutions That Give Your Garage A Fresh Look

If your garage needs a makeover, you may be thinking about how to freshen the ugly concrete floor. There are several garage flooring solutions to consider. You may want to think about how you plan to use your garage when comparing options. No matter what kind of floor you choose, make sure it is garage flooring so it tolerates the weight of a vehicle and can repel stains. Here are a few choices in garage flooring that can give your garage an updated look.