5 Problems A Garage Floor Coating Can Solve

Garage floor coatings, typically consisting of epoxy, provide a great way to give your garage a facelift. There are many benefits to a floor coating, and some of those benefits can help solve some problems with the concrete garage floor. 

1. Cover Concrete Paint

Paint is a common first attempt at improving the look of a garage floor, but eventually, the paint begins to chip and become faded. Instead of constantly repainting, epoxy provides a more durable alternative. Although clear epoxy options won't cover old concrete stains and paints, colored epoxy coatings will. Epoxy comes in a huge range of colors so it's simple to find one that looks nice. 

2. Camouflage Old Stains

Garage floors are exposed to a lot of wear and tear, including spills of various fluids or leaks from vehicles. Your epoxy installer will need to deep clean the concrete to remove any oil or grease that has soaked in. Cleaning may remove residue, but it doesn't always remove the stain so dark spots remain. A nice colored epoxy will camouflage the stain though.

3. Prevent Patchwork Repairs

Minor cracks are a common garage floor problem. Dropped tools, temperature stress, and moisture exposure can all lead to small cracks that are little more than cosmetic damage. Filling the cracks prevents further issues, but the ugly patchwork it creates on the concrete isn't ideal. The epoxy coating will cover the patchwork of repairs while also protecting the floor against future cracks and damage.

4. Protect Against Slips

Not all problems have to do with the appearance of the concrete. Even unpolished concrete can be slick when it's wet. The problem is even worse if wet leaves blow in or if your car tracks in ice and snow. Textured floor coating options are available for both clear and colored coatings. The added texture prevents both people and car tires from slipping on wet concrete. 

5. Highlight Trip Hazards

If your garage has different levels, such as a step up along a perimeter wall or steps into the house, then highlighting it in some way is needed. Simply painting a highlight strip on bare concrete isn't very effective because it quickly fades or chips off. You can use a garage floor coating to highlight this and reduce the chances of a stumble. Achieve this by applying a clear coating over a traditionally applied painted highlight, or using different colors of epoxy to create a visual indicator of the step.

Contact a professional garage floor coating service for more information.