5 Benefits Of Custom Window Treatments

Curtains and shades can make or break a room's design. Custom window treatments are a great option when it comes to style and quality. There are a few other benefits that make custom stand out above pre-made options. 

1. Better Match

Pre-made window treatments, whether draperies or blinds, are made to fit a few of the most common sizes of windows. Most houses have at least one or two windows that aren't the standard size, which leaves you with either ill-fitting treatments on these windows or mismatched treatments if you only have pre-made options.

2. Coverage Benefits

Your window treatment installer will carefully measure each window in your home, which means your window treatments will provide the exact coverage you need. You won't have to worry about gaps that allow in light around the edges or compromise privacy. Headers and rails will be sized to your window instead of too long or too short. The result is much better looking as well as better for energy efficiency.

3. Improved Quality

Sometimes when shopping for ready-made drapery and blinds options, you end up stuck between choosing the color or design you want, or the qualities you want. When custom ordering your window treatments, you can order to meet design and quality desires. For example, you can rest assured with custom options that you can order insulated drapes in just the pattern you have had your eye on. No need to layer thin but attractive curtains over drab pre-made insulated curtains.

4. Design Advice

Most custom window treatment services provide you with an onsite designer to help you select your window treatments. These designers do more than just measure the windows. They will bring fabric samples and design guides to show you every option. Most custom window treatment designers have the ability to use computer modeling so they can show you what your selections will look like in your home before you buy.

5. Detailing Options

It's the little details that matter and help your window treatments stand out. Matching tiebacks or complimentary swags are examples of details that can be hard to get right when selecting from pre-made options. The great thing about custom treatments is that they really are custom, from the hardware to any trim that is added to curtains. You can rest assured that you will get all the details you desire. 

Contact a custom window treatment dealer to learn more about all of the options you have available.