4 Steps For Eradicating An Attic Mouse Infestation

Mice in the attic is a common issue, as the mice are drawn to the warm, dry environment where they will rarely be disturbed. Eradicating the pests requires a multi-prong approach.

1. Remove Landscape "Ladders"

Mice get into attics by climbing above the roof and then dropping onto it. The things they climb are referred to as rodent ladders, and your landscaping may feature several. Trees with branches that overhang the roof are one type of ladder, as are vines that grow up your siding. Downspouts can also be a ladder, particularly if they are dirty enough to provide a rodent with traction to climb up the inside. Trimming back trees and removing plants that press against the home, as well as cleaning gutters and downspouts, can reduce mouse attic access.

2. Seal All Entry Points

Getting on the roof isn't enough to lead to an attic mouse problem. The pests must then make their way inside. This is usually done through damages in the eaves, such as missing soffit vent covers, or through gaps in the roof itself, such as damage to a shingle or cracks in the booting around a rooftop vent. Make sure that all entry points are sealed, either by caulking the gaps, repairing the damage, or replacing vent screens.

3. Remove Food Sources

You may not think of an attic as a place filled with potential mouse food, but you may be surprised. Mice will nibble on paper goods, particularly if certain paste and glue types are used. They are also drawn to moisture, so a small roof leak could make the attic an appealing place. Mice will also venture out of the attic to seek out food in other parts of the home. Store all items in the attic in sealed containers, such as plastic storage tubs. Repair any leaks promptly. Further, make sure food in the kitchen is sealed and clean up crumbs daily.

4. Turn to the Professionals

The above tactics are necessary for eradicating mice, but they likely won't work alone. Extermination is also needed to get rid of the current mouse problem. A mouse control expert will typically use a combination of trapping and removal along with poison bait. It's best to leave this to the professionals so you can ensure that the poisons won't harm your family and that they are placed in the best areas for targeting the rodent population.

Contact a mice control service if you need more help with an attic mouse issue.