Add an Antique Motorcycle Bar to Your Recreation Room

Using a reclaimed, antique motorcycle home bar as the focal point of your recreational room will highlight your love of motorcycles. You can purchase an antique bar and use memorabilia to adorn the bartop and its surroundings. To learn more about decorating this space, read on. 

Pick a Design

The framework, handlebars, and wheels of a motorcycle or a trike are often used to create home bars, and the nostalgia associated with owning a classic bike that has traveled many roads can be an inspiration to you. Decide what type of bike will make a prominent statement. For example, you may like the look of a classic motorcycle and choose a bike that looks like one of the first motorcycles; this bike will complement a wooden bar top, a stool set, and cabinetry.

The finish that is applied to a bar's components is as important as the setup of the pieces that are used to create the design. A vintage piece is often brought back to life by having an enamel coat applied to the framework of a bike and a clear sealant applied to trim work or portions of the bar.

Vintage pieces often contain a combination of antique materials and new materials; this is to add durability to an item with a vintage appearance. Reclaimed wood can also be used in conjunction with an older motorcycle and with the use of older materials throughout the design, you will have a true representation of the past. 

Select the Size and Compatible Items

Your recreation room may be utilized for sports viewing sessions, board games, and the serving of food and beverages. Choose where you would like the bar setup to be located and the amount of impact that you prefer the new addition to have on the room. For a bar that is going to be centrally-located, you will need to consider all angles of a motorcycle and wooden framework, since you and anyone who visits you will be presented with different viewpoints, depending on where each person sits.

If you like the classic bartender and patron setup, which involves having the server stand along one side of a bar and the patrons sitting on the other, pick a wall as the backdrop for the bar. Measure the space where the bar will be going and use the dimensions when choosing a motorcycle style and bar materials, to ensure the bar will fit well in the room.

Framed-photos of you and your motorcycle can be suspended behind the bar. You may also want to line up some motorcycle drinking mugs and coasters along the bartop.