Wood Lattice Fence Panels To Improve Fence Design And Privacy

Wood lattice can be a great solution for any fence design. They are versatile solutions to add privacy to chain link fencing and for outdoor spaces and to enhance the design of wood fencing. Before you buy wood lattice fence panels, the following information will help you choose the right materials for your project.

Adding transoms and lattice details to wood fences—Wood privacy fences are a great solution for outdoor spaces, but they can sometimes be too plain for landscaping designs. Therefore, there are some improvements that you may want to do. One of the options to consider is using wood lattice panels. Rather than using full height lattice panels for the fence, use narrower panels to add transoms to the top of fences.

Give chain link fences more privacy with lattice panels—You may also want to give chain link fences more privacy. Wood lattice panels offer you a great solution to reduce visibility. These are some of the things to consider to use lattice to give chain link fences more privacy:

  • Use smaller lattice patterns to reduce visibility.
  • Install lattice between chain link fencing holes.
  • Add windscreen backing between lattice and chain link fencing.

You will want to consider some of these options when it comes time to give your chain link fence more privacy with wood lattice fence panels.

Patterns and decorative designs for wood lattice fence panels—The most common lattice panels that you see are diamond patterns, but there are many other options. The lattice panels can have square patterns and decorative features. Wood lattice fence panels can also include a variety of different patterns and styles in one panel to help give your fence a unique looking design.

Wood and alternative material choices for your lattice fence panels—When installing wood lattice panels, you need to choose the right type of wood. The first wood lattice option for fencing is treated pine, which is affordable and durable. If you want more attractive wood materials, ask the wood lattice fence panel service about options like cedar, cypress, white oak, or tropical hardwoods. The natural wood panels can be stained and sealed, or you can paint them yourself. Remember that any untreated wood lattice panels will need to be painted or sealed every few years.

The lattice fence panels you add to your fence can improve its appearance and give your outdoor space privacy. Contact a wood lattice fencing panel service to get the materials you need for these projects.