A Pop-Up Canvas Canopy Could Be The Perfect Solution When You Need More Shade

If you wish you had more shade in your yard, then consider buying a canvas canopy to make your own shade. A pop-up canopy is perfect for many occasions, and you can take the canopy down and store it when you don't need it. Here's how pop-up canopies can be used and why canvas is an ideal material for a canopy.

A Pop-Up Canopy Provides Portable Shade

Unlike a canopy that's affixed to the ground permanently, you can use the pop-up variety anywhere. You can even take it camping with you. A large canopy can double as a carport so you can keep your car or motorcycle out of the hot sun.

The canopy can also be used as a cover for your BBQ area so you can cook in the shade or be shielded from the rain. You can buy canopies made specifically for grilling or outdoor kitchens, but if you don't need a cover all the time, then a pop-up model is ideal since you can move it to another area of the yard when it's needed for shade over a picnic table or patio.

These canopies come in all sizes, so you can create shade for a single chair or for a patio.

Canvas Is An Attractive And Durable Material

Canopies are made from different materials, but canvas is one of the most popular. If you want a portable canopy, then canvas is the best option since you can collapse and fold the canvas for easy storage and transportation.

Canvas also has a softer and more pleasing look than plastic or metal. Canvas canopies come in all colors and even in stripes. The material is also waterproof, so you'll get protection from the rain as well as the sun. It's also a durable material even through canvas is fabric. It doesn't rip easily, so it's perfect for a canopy that might be buffeted by the wind. Canvas for outdoor use is often treated to resist mildew too.

If you know you want to keep a cover over your patio all the time, you might want to look at canvas canopies you can install permanently and make part of your outdoor decor. However, if you want to take shade with you to various areas of your yard when it's needed, then a pop-up canopy would be ideal.

A canopy protects you from damaging UV rays, and if you place the canopy near the windows of your home, you can block sun from heating up your house and fading your furniture too. Plus, being able to park your car in canopy shade makes a big difference to your comfort on hot summer days, and it protects the interior of your car from sun and heat damage too.

A canopy has many uses around your property, and when you have one that's portable, you'll always have shade where you want it. For more information, contact an awning company, such as Evans Awning.