The Perfect Guide When Choosing Hydroponic Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

If you plan on growing some plants indoors without soil, then you'll certainly need to invest in some hydroponic grow lights. There are many options today, but making the right selection won't be daunting if you utilize this selection guide.  


If you hope to stay in this hobby for years, then you need hydroponic lights that last a long time. There are several long-lasting types you should consider in particular. One of the most popular is LED (light-emitting diode). These grow lights are extremely energy-efficient and can last for years as long as they're properly maintained. 

HID (high-intensity discharge) lights are also a great option if you want to cut down on replacement costs. They don't last quite as long as LEDs, but they do cost less. That's something to consider if you're on somewhat of a tight budget. 

Heat Output 

How long your hydroponic grow lights last is important, but this should always be secondary to heat output. After all, giving your plants too much heat can kill them quickly and potentially create fire hazards in your home.

To assess how much heat a particular grow light administers, you'll need to read through its description. There should be a wattage figure in this description, showing how hot the light gets when running at full capacity. If you're not sure what wattage you need, you can always consult with the light manufacturer. They'll recommend a specific wattage based on what you're growing. 

Specialty Features 

To really get the most out of your hydroponic grow lights each month, they need to be equipped with specialty features. One of the most helpful is an automatic timer. After setting a particular light schedule on the timer, your hydroponic lights will turn on and off automatically each day. It doesn't get any more convenient. 

It's also worth looking for grow lights that are housed in durable metal frames. They'll give your lights extra protection, possibly preventing them from breaking should they fall down accidentally. Grow lights with a full-spectrum design are also handy, as they ensure your plants receive the right type of light no matter what developmental stage they're at. 

Growing plants indoors can be a fun and addicting experience. You can ensure these growing experiences are positive too by investing in the right hydroponic lighting. Thinking about the particular needs of your plants and your personal preferences can help you make the right lighting choice.