How To Create A Reading Nook For Kids

With summer break around the corner, many parents are wondering how to keep their kids excited about reading so that their skills stay sharp when they're not in school. One of the ways to do this is to create a cozy and enticing reading nook so your kids have a special spot to head to when they want to curl up with a good book. You can hunt around the house for things to use to decorate the reading nook, or you can buy home decor items online that will be perfect. Read on for some reading nook ideas for your kids that will give them hours of enjoyment.  

Outdoor Reading Nook

If your kid likes to spend as much time as possible outside, consider an outdoor reading nook. Pick up a hula hoop from an inexpensive store, and hang a shower curtain from it using shower curtain rings. Tie four pieces of strong twine to the top of the hula hoop and hang it from a tree or clothesline to create a cozy little hiding spot that can withstand the rain. To make it more comfortable and inviting, pick up an indoor/outdoor rug and a few outdoor throw pillows to tuck inside the shower curtain enclosure. 

Temporary Reading Nook

Pick up an indoor play tent or wash the cobwebs off your old camping tent hiding in the garage, and turn it into an indoor reading nook that can be hidden away when company comes to visit. Decorate the outside with a string of pennants in your child's favorite colors. Stash a basket of summer-themed books inside and refresh the selection by taking frequent trips to the library. Make it cozy with a low beanbag or a few throw pillows and maybe even a basket of your child's favorite packaged snacks or fruit. String multiple strands of twinkle lights inside the tent for reading light or provide your child with a lantern. 

Permanent Reading Nook

If there's an unused corner of the playroom or your child's bedroom, it would make the perfect spot for a permanent reading nook. Line the walls with bookshelves, interesting art, or some of your child's special collections. Provide a light source, like a fun pendant light or strings of twinkle lights, for reading after sundown. Put down a fluffy rug with some throw pillows, or turn your child's old crib mattress into cozy seating. With an afternoon of work, you'll have a perfect spot for your child to feed his or her book obsession all summer.