Decided On Glass Railing For Your Home? How To Keep The Sparkling Clean And Crystal Clear

If you've opted for glass railing for your deck, you've made a great choice. Glass railing adds a touch of distinction to any home. Not only that, but it doesn't interfere with your view of the scenery around you, which is what other types of railing tend to do. The one thing you'll need to remember is that your glass railing will require routine maintenance, especially if you want to maintain its sparkling appearance, and continue to enjoy the beautiful view. Here are some simple instructions that will help you maintain the beauty of your glass railings.

Keep the Dusty Film Away

Because your railing is outside, the glass is going to develop a dusty film on it. While it might not be noticeable until there's a thick layer of dust, it's best to keep the dusty film away. You might not realize this, but even dust can get difficult to clean once there's a thick enough layer of it. To prevent troublesome dust problems, you should wipe the dust away on a weekly basis. You can use either wadded up newspaper, a microfiber towel, or even a microfiber furniture duster. Any of those options will remove the dusty film quickly and easily. Best of all, you won't need to use any additional cleaning supplies to remove the dusty film.

Take Care of Monthly Cleaning

If your glass railings tend to get dirty quickly, it's a good idea to give them a monthly cleaning. Things like the elements, animals jumping on them, and even little hands, can get the glass dirty pretty quickly. However, it's pretty easy to clean your glass railings, especially if you do it on a weekly basis. Fill a bucket with equal parts warm water and distilled vinegar. Take a clean microfiber rag and get it nice and wet. Wring out the excess solution and wipe your glass railings. Wipe your glass dry with a soft lint-free towel. Once your railings are dry, use a lint-free cloth to apply a thin layer of lemon oil to the glass. The lemon oil will help prevent water spots on your glass.

Don't Forget the Aluminum Framing

When you're taking care of your monthly glass cleaning don't forget about the aluminum framing. Your frames will collect plenty of dirt and grime too. Luckily, you can clean your frames with the same solution you use for your glass railings. If you start to notice a powdery residue on your aluminum railings, you can clean them with a soft non-abrasive kitchen scrubber and them wipe dry. About once a year, it's a good idea to apply a coat of aluminum wax to your frames. The wax will help prevent the residue, and prevent your railings from wearing out prematurely.

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