Decorate An Enclosed Patio With A Botanical Theme

Did you recently enclose your patio or are you planning to do that in the near future? Either way, if you have planned to decorate your enclosed patio with a botanical theme, that probably means that you love everything that is natural and outdoorsy. With that in mind, from selecting the furniture to selecting wooden blinds, here are some ideas that might help you to decorate your enclosed patio with a botanical theme.

The Furniture -

Think of what you would put outside, and bring those ideas right into your enclosed patio. For example, consider using wicker furniture. Another choice would be to select things like a wrought iron patio table and chairs as a game table. 

  • Choose botanical themes like ferns, birds and flowers for any upholstery you select.
  • Think of adding wooden rocking chairs like those you would use on an outdoor pattern.
  • For a truly unique touch, consider hanging a bench swing from your indoor patio ceiling.

The Windows Treatment - 

You certainly have lots of choices when it comes to your window treatment. Think of selecting curtains with a floral design or with birds as part of the fabric pattern. Although fabric curtains would be great in your enclosed patio, think of selecting wooden blinds. Wooden blinds are easy to install, are easy to care for, and will last forever and a day.

  • Think of using white wooden blinds to add a bright color to your enclosed patio.
  • Natural wood for your blinds would also be very appropriate.
  • If you want more drama in the room, select wooden blinds in your favorite color.

The Decorative Touches -

Consider things you would find outdoors and see how you can make them part of your indoor patio. For example, while you probably wouldn't put a multi-tiered fountain in the center of your enclosed patio, that doesn't mean that you can't have wall fountains. Instead of hanging real bird feeders in your enclosed patio, select decorative bird houses to place on tables and to hang from the ceiling. Another idea is to buy bird cages and to fill them with silk flowers.

Think of the way you can frame pictures of nature, too. For example, find colorful photographs of things like sunsets, fields of flowers, beaches, forests and other beautiful things found in the outdoors and frame them to complement the furniture and other accent pieces you've selected. And, have plenty of real plants in the room, too.